Valentine's Day has traditionally SUCKED for me (prior to my husband anyhow). I won't lie, there is still a bit of hatred for the holiday from my youth. I'm happily married for almost 12 years and have two amazing kids to spend all my days with, not just Valentine's Day. We show and tell each other all the time how much we mean to each other, no point in saving it for one day a year.

So, what do I on Valentine's Day? Eat chocolate (OK!!) Give goofy gifts? Na. I want to thank the people online that spend as much time 'with' me than a good deal of my extended family! Yes, YOU. Thanks.

Thanks for being funny, smart, friendly, sarcastic, and witty.

Thanks for being my clients or friends – and sometimes both. If you have to pick one, pick friends.

Thanks for reading (most of) all the things I publish. Even I can't keep up with my stream of consciousness most days.

Thanks for cat .GIFs and "what I really do" memes and prayers. It just makes me happy that you use Google+ how you want to. Keep it up!

Thanks for writing things that I don't agree with or would not have thought of on my own. You make me smarter.

Thanks for not giving up. On me. Or on you.

Just thanks, okay? People don't say it enough, and people don't mean it enough.

I mean it.

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