There are 6,000 amazing things about this story & this photograph

Take a good look at all the subtile details in this photo, it is just breathtaking composition (I'm not a photographer, but do have a keen eye for layout and design details). +Superdave Houdini Meralus & +Tim Clary just blow me away – and the photographer +Brian McDonald even moreso.

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I think most people that attended the #NYCHIRL knew that they would do a lot of fun stuff that they didn't expect to do, and I would agree, but I definitely wouldn't expect that urban exploration would be on the list of things I did during the HIRL. In the same respect, I didn't think that it would happen so close to HQ.

Early sunday, +Tim Clary, +Superdave Houdini Meralus, and +Al Ebnereza decided to explore the rear fire escape of the HQ, and ended up on the roof of the building. After deciding to explore further, the connected roof of the next-door building revealed an open door to what would be discovered as an abandoned building.

Things lead to things, and I was told upon their return that I should visit where they had been, as +Tim Clary was up to some really cool stuff. As it got dark, and Super Bowl kickoff got closer, we took to the dark route armed with a flashlight and went back to where they had been. When I thought about what the HIRL experience would be like, at no point did I expect to be navigating an old, in-some-areas-busted fire escape to gain roof access to an open and abandoned building. That kind of unexpected journey into an unknown territory was definitely one of the most memorable moments for me.

Tim had some great art on the walls that was done simply with lipstick that was found on the ground, and he continued with more stuff as my creative juices started to flow. I didn't have many options with such little light in the place, but an idea popped into my head that I wanted to capture, and +Superdave Houdini Meralus & +Tim Clary were willing subjects in my venture. We tried to join a hangout while all of it was going on, but saw little success with the unreliable connections we were getting.

By the time we got back, I felt I had captured the feel of being in that abandoned space, and I quickly edited what I captured, and saw that I had something special. Now, every time I look at it, it brings me back to that unexpected and unique experience. There were a few other pictures, but I wanted to share this one the most :)

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Tonight is the +Women of Google+ LIVE Hangout on Air! Join me? No interview guest…

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Tonight is the +Women of Google+ LIVE Hangout on Air! Join me? No interview guest tonight, just chit chat about the +HIRL (Hangout in Real Life) I went to this past weekend in New York City #NYCHIRL .

There is something magical and inspiring when you meet people you've known only through online in person. So tonight I'd like to discuss your feelings and thoughts about meeting people at conferences and meetups and what it does to build business and friendships.

Keep an eye out on my stream (+Lynette Young) at 9pm EST for the invite to the hangout. Remember, it is broadcast across the globe, so check your hair and make sure your mic is on!

PS – Men invited tonight as well also!!

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Reflections of the 2012 NYC Hangout In Real Life

I wanted to go through and share a few thoughts from this weekend's Hangout in Real Life in NYC (#NYCHIRL +HIRL). It's a strange and very cool thing when people that have only communicated via the computer meet for the first time in person.

There were amazing friendships out of the gate. I was insanely lucky enough to get a tour of the Google offices in NYC and +Patrick Larvie was our amazing guide (sorry Patrick if the 4pm group drove you nuts!) I only knew one person going into my group out of 10, but left with some sort of weird bond that only hunting down as much free energy drinks and chef salads at the Google offices could forge! +Joe Martinez, +Derek Ross, +Carter Gibson & +Superdave Houdini Meralus are my new geekcrushes <grin>. I am also pretty sure that what Google learned about +Schemer power users will melt their minds. ;) In our tour group, it was estimated that a million people circled us. 10 power G+ers = 1 million followers = 10% of the entirety of Google+ users IN ONE ROOM. You just can't make that kind of awesome up.

Some of us would up talking about business with built-in trust and familiarity. +Peter G McDermott is one of the sharpest and most forward-thinking experts I've met in regards to the business aspects of Google+. Trust me when I say he's the guy to watch. Another new and sort of local friend is +Lee Allison who has creative and cutting edge (insert joke here – he's a chef…) ideas for using Google+ to build a professional community where one is desperately needed.

It was mentioned to me no less than a dozen times how surprised people were that anyone they considered 'internet famous' were not crazy snobbish and were just as excited and nervous to be there and meet everyone. This is the new face of celebrity. Gracious and smart connectors make sure the community is thanked often. Those that rise up the ranks in Google+ (or anywhere else before they got here) that steal the spotlight for themselves and do not actively and openly thank those that surround them will quickly lose the admiration and trust of the community. The first prunings have begun, be warned.

With that I would like to say that +matthew rappaport, +Bobbi Jo Woods & +Tiffany Henry are the three musketeers that wrangled 100 Google+ers to the Big Apple and were the catalyst for magic. +HEATHER FAY, +Ryan Van Sickle & +Daria Musk played their music for us, at what I consider the biggest "in real life" hangout on the planet! WE find the talent and no longer have to wait for those that wish to control it for profits to grant us access. These three are wicked talented before Google+, but it's the platform that turned their 15 minutes into the "long tail" of fans.

Did I mention what a powerful group of women I got to meet in person? +Shefali Burns, +Anna Lowry, +Elaine Lindsay, +Bobbi Jo Woods, +Tiffany Henry, +HEATHER FAY, +Daria Musk, +Amy Gabriel & +Stephanie L Davis were absolutely amazing and wicked smart to boot! Each one of them leaders of our new digital tribe and I was blessed to get to meet them, even if it was just for a little bit.
While I saw a lot of familiar faces across the room, I didn't make my way around to say hello to everyone. There just never seems to be enough time. There is some sort of emotional let down that happens when you leave an event – and the people – that are changing the world. I can tell you this – this is just the beginning. Hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime.

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Tomorrow I'm heading into NYC for the #NYCHIRL with this crazy circle of people….

Tomorrow I'm heading into NYC for the #NYCHIRL with this crazy circle of people. I'm getting a tour of the Google offices, grabbing dinner, then hitting a club for some live music (fellow G+ers). I really need to start getting my head in the game & get excited!

If you're interested in following the antics of what I believe is the world's largest +HIRL follow this circle. They are some of the most active and passionate G+ers around! Just know that the /cough/ very best /cough/ pics do not make it to the photo albums…..

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I'm heading into NYC on Friday/Saturday for the NYC +HIRL #NYCHIRL (Hangout In…

I'm heading into NYC on Friday/Saturday for the NYC +HIRL #NYCHIRL (Hangout In Real Life). Rumor has it about 70 people are going.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I'm going to blow off work/family on Friday and head into the city pretty early & stay over (back after breakfast on Saturday). How do I get into G+HQ in NYC??!! ;)

Who else is going??

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