Rumor has it that the New York City Hangout In Real Life +HIRL #NYCHIRLis up to…

Rumor has it that the New York City Hangout In Real Life +HIRL #NYCHIRLis up to about 100 people. ONE HUNDRED Google+ fans and friends coming in from across the world to meet each other face to face. Think about that for a second… it's mind-blowing.

ONE HUNDRED people who met on a social network of 100 million and developed such amazing friendships that it was impossible not to fly / train / drive / taxi / walk to get to a place where we could all BE together. We are taking just a bit of time away from our lives, families, and jobs to make our worlds bigger and actively include more people in our lives. EPIC.

I will bet that when the Googlers first put this idea to code almost two years ago they couldn't have dreamed how profound an impact it would have to so many lives. Personal, professional – it doesn't matter. The platform has forged friendships, some romance, lots of business, and above all else proven without a doubt that the computer on your desk can rip the world wide open for anyone that is willing to take the leap.

Google+ is not only a game changer – it's a life changer.

I'm heading in today after lunch & will be at the Google offices for about 4pm – then it's dinner and a party!

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Here's a sneak peak of the cover of tomorrow's +The New York Times:


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