Will need lots of Red Bull, my arse is draggin. I’m heading up to see Lifespeed tonight. Honest, I’ve seen other NJ cover bands, and they are okay, but Lifespeed is **really** good. The lead singer Henry really has a great voice, and T is the “smiliest” drummer I’ve ever seen!! James is a great guitar player (even if he can’t play slide – I asked)!!

I really wish I had a better mobile recording rig, it’s not like I can bring my laptop and all these mic’s to a bar. Let’s see what kind of sound clips I can get with my crappy little Zen Micro – it has a build in mic, though no ability to plug in an external mic. Gonna go on a mission tonight!

Freaking Second Life… I was up until 2am again… I still don’t think of it as a game though. I always shyed away from games that revolve around shooting and killing, so it’s taken me awhile to find something that fit my needs. And I knew I was going out tonight, now I gotta drink even MORE Red Bull. They should sponsor my podcast….