Our phones work. That’s a plus. What still sucks is 1) they never brought me my groceries and 2) I waited around all day for them just to get a phone call to say I didn’t need to be home. After the fiasco of waiting around and having Verizon tell me they came by my house when they didn’t, I was sure I’d get a visit from the neighborhood plumber-crack in a cherry-picker guy bright and early. Nope. All I got was a phone call – I hesitated to answer it thinking it was still for the crossed phone number – telling me my line was fixed. And just like that the tech wanted to hang up on me! Whoa spanky, what number did you call because the lines were crossed. He confirmed that it was my home number and tried to hang up on me again. Uh. NO. What about me waiting home for him to come fix my line? No ma’am (SHIT I hate it when old guys call me that!), we fixed the problem down the road at the switch box (they still use those?) or at the central office. He didn’t even know – which means he didn’t even do any work, a computer button-pusher someplace did.

Ok…I ask if my husband’s business line fixed? According to him, that wasn’t on his work order (yes it was), but if he’s not too busy he can get back to me in 48-72 hours and give me a status. All I could envision is kicking him in the teeth. Not very lady- or mommy-like I agree, but the guy was an ass. When I asked about my husband’s ‘business’ line he gave me a snarky answer that it wasn’t a business line (technically no it’s not, it’s just another ‘residential’ line) but a home office line. “Well, then, now, it’s not a BUSINESS line, is it?” in a horrifically condescending tone. My thoughts race to buying the most expensive ‘Sex In The CityManolo Blahnik heels and wedging them right back to his molars. He hangs up on me.

A few minutes later I hear the office line ring. Then my house line rings again. He tells me the other line is fixed, you are very welcome. Then he hangs up on me, again.

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Note to Verizon: Get a clue. Comcast helps their customers. Maybe you should take a lesson.