Squirrel Proof Bird FeederI hate cold weather. Why do I live in Jersey you ask? Well, because I’ve always lived here, and besides my husband and kids live here, so that’s incentive enough to stay. This past weekend was the first real peek at spring, and that included a wicked thunder storm and now crazy winds today.  I am tired of the weather being in limbo, teasing me with just enough warmth to open my windows and get a breeze during the day.  I need sunshine!  It’s right around March of every year that I go out of mind stir crazy and need a vacation to warmer weather. I’ve got a craving to go through my closet and junk all my winter clothes and shoes.  When I’m sick of wearing my Uggs for the season, I know I’ve had enough.

I’ve had enough, I’ve got spring fever.

Last week I went and got a new birdfeeder since the one that was suction cupped to our back window didn’t survive the winter.  I am not sure what it is about sitting in the morning drinking coffee and watching all sorts of birds come to the feeder that I love so much, but I find it wildly relaxing. Enter “Squirrely” our new friend.  The larger birds don’t like him so much and he’s been divebombed and rolled once already by some of the larger birds. As long as he doen’t harm the birds I could care less if he grabs a snack too.  So now stuck inside because of the unpredictible weather and wind, I wait for my new animal friends to give me a show and wish for warmer weather.

Here’s hoping my spring fever will include some sort of cleaning frenzy….