I know it may seem like I’ve been very quiet, but trust me, I have not been! I sort of took December off work (I work at home, so it doesn’t feel any different) – but I’m now busier than I’ve ever been. Too bad not much of what I’m doing is generating money (or even Lindens)! Last night I worked the audio compenent of CaseCampSL, and besides being nervous as HELL, it came off pretty well. Had a glitch with Skype – apparently it gets confused when you are texting and voicing with a half-dozen or so people in 14 separate windows. Doesn’t everyone do that?

I’m fighting being sick, and have lost my voice because of it. Or at least sound like a frog climbed in my vocal cords. As much as I’d like to relax for the holidays and get over being sick, I know opportunity when I see it. My Second Life mentoring and consulting has been taking off, and I will have to retract my idea of not working in December.

I’ve been inspired to start up a PodCampSL – I’m spinning my wheels already with that one! I’ve got a Philadelphia PodCamp coming up in January, but since I’m so active in SL, and the idea was brought up last night at CaseCampSL, I have decided to be the person to start this up. Not my original idea, I have to admit, but somehow it feels the stars aligned in space last night and I’m meant to do this.

On the podcasting front, I’ve taken the red pill. I’ve put both pills on the table and stared at them for a long time. Last week I finally picked one up, popped it in my mouth and swallowed hard. Red tastes better than I thought.

Some of you – many of you – may be learning this for the first time, and not even known it was on the menu. I’ve signed with PodShow. It’s a great fit for me, I’ve thought about this long and hard. And read, and researched, and compared, and stalled. Maybe it’s not the best fit for everyone, but it is for me. I’ve realized that doing this merges different parts of my life, maybe ones I’ve not want intertwined. But I have to do what’s right for ME. I can’t wait for others, can’t hold on for promises, can’t rely on others for my future. I have to do it myself. Some may think that this isn’t *doing it on my own* — but it IS. One woman can’t run the whole show, and I have been for almost two years. I don’t know how to make myself into more without help. And PodShow can help. They have the resources, the drive, the connections – and they show great interest in me. The give me feedback, are proactive, keep me in the loop all the time. THIS is what I’ve been looking for, a company that treats me like a partner and not just a content provider or cute voice on a podcast. Personally, I plan on getting out of it what I put into it – which for me is always 110%.

It’s not PB&J that they were interested in – PLEASE! Here’s where the different parts of my life crash into each other without helmets or seatbelts – my crafting shows – SCRAPcast.com & related offshoots are what I’m bringing over. How am I going to juggle Lynette Radio, Second Life, my Second Life consulting job, a bit of World of Warcraft, SCRAPcast, ME, my husband, my daughter, my family, my friends. I’ll do what I always do, and that’s kick ass and take names.

With all this said, PB&J will yet again get revamped. That show put me on the map as an early adopter of podcasting – it first aired February 2005. It’s always been ME, pretty much unscripted, unplanned. Yet some people find that interesting. I promise not to mess with it too much, but when I started there were a few hundred podcasts out there. Now there are ten’s of thousands I’m sure. I can’t settle for being at the bottom of the pile, I never could handle that. So using what I’ve learned in the past two years, and how I’ve evolved myself as a person and a podcaster, I will be tweaking the show. Old shows will go bye-bye. Sorry. It’s the only way I know how to start over.

Today just seems like the day my entire world implodes into one huge shining star. Here’s hoping it doesn’t EXPLODE.

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