Anyone that watches the show knows the Doctor is at least 1,000 years old, but the BBC show is 50 years old. I’m having a few friends over because, well, they are smarter than me and have given up cable television.

I first started watching the show a few years back when I was stuck in bed after my arm surgery and binged my way through six seasons. (At least I could use the Netflix remote with my good arm even if it would take me a long time to learn to type again!) So, while the Classic Whovians might look down their nose at me, I’m a dedicated New Who gal. I respect and appreciate the old shows and stories but my love for low-budget foreign programs faded in my childhood. ┬áMy dad was crazy about all those weird alien and Godzilla movies that were done over in English and you could see the thumbprints from the claymation animators. I’ll take a great FX team and the Face of Boe any day!

Sniff, now I’m sad John Barrowman isn’t in the new shows… No worries, even though I’m (thankfully) surgery-free, I do find time to watch Torchwood. I’m only six shows into the very first season – NO SPOILERS SWEETIE!

Time to finish working, clean my house, grab some snacks & begin the uber marathon that is Doctor Who! (Let’s be realistic, it’s going to be a David Tennant, Billie Piper and – OMG I LOVE HER Alex Kingston –┬ámarathon…) I’ve got my TARDIS and dalek ice cubes in the freezer and everyone in the family except for my husband has our favorite Doctor tee shirt ready to go!

Do you watch? What’s the plan for the anniversary show?

Doctor Turns 50!
Illustration by Ghergich & Co.