VW EosThe past few days in New Jersey it’s been nice enough to drive in my husband’s convertible with the top down. My pale-as-the-moon winter skin couldn’t take much sunshine at one time but it was still great to get some fresh air. His car is black with black interior but still really fun to drive! I’m also borrowing his car for my trip down the Jersey Shore for Social Media Moms #JerseyLove Summer Retreat in June. Fully expect me to be blasting Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen with the top down!

Spring fever has hit me pretty hard at work and at home. Earlier this week I decided I was going to enjoy a day all to myself and clean. The kids were off for spring break and I was glad to gut my kitchen pantry and my dining room (turned horrid crafting mess by my kids) with all the windows open and not a soul around to bug me to make a meal. Seven loads of laundry later I felt some level of success, especially since I’m ditching my family for basically the entire month of May to travel for work. I figure if I leave them with plenty of clean clothes and food to eat they won’t miss me much.

Other than that I’m fighting with my email system (again) because I use two computers and I think one of them is ‘eating’ emails that I send and receive. I bet if I didn’t receive about 100 actionable emails a DAY my work life would be a whole lot easier…

Back to work, back to packing! (Tomorrow needs to be a hookie day as I have NO business clothes whatsoever to wear!)