Heading out to go see Eric & Taylor from the Mediocre Show at the Playtime Boutique (website seems to be down now…is that a bad sign or a good one??) in Edison NJ. No, it’s not a store for kids. Apparently the store is having a “porn star walk of fame” put in and there will be celebrates. No one I’d know, but you may.

An old-but-new friend of mine from The Broad Cast turned me on to these two and they are very funny, and very disturbed. My kinda show. So anyhow, if you are in the area from 4pm-10pm, head on over. Diva and I will be causing trouble and making other people do stupid shit and then record it. Drinks at a pub somewhere in central NJ afterwards. Until we all get kicked out anyhow, then Diva will be drinking Colt 45 in the parking lot.

I’ve been trying to get the swing of converting videos into proper podcasts, and while I am crashing and burning, the Mr. has figured it out. My video camera is a bit on the big side to be lugging around (mostly because I would want not to be noticed that much filming…) and my digital camera takes videos… but in some stupid old MPG2 format that translates without sound.