I tried recording a show *3* times and none of it worked. There is a ton of hiss in my audio, because my levels are all messed up on my mic trying to use different equiptment (EDIT: I fixed the levels, so if your copy of the show has the music too low, download another copy!)So for the purpose of not podfading…here’s PB&J!

  • PME updates – 13 days left
  • The “WE” committee chimes in
  • Second Life meet up at PME – Friday night at 6:30pm right after the Podcast Awards ceremony **You DO NOT want to miss this, big announcement coming at show!**
  • Flashback to my 21st birthday at the Jersey shore
  • Lifespeed. Of course. But suprisingly NO mention of Rick Springfield in the show (that’s why I’m putting it here)
  • Video podcasts coming, even if they are shot with my lame-ass iSight
  • Brother Love is going to PME – and his birthday is Sept. 30th!
  • And the remainder of 37 minutes of usless information to clutter your brain

Various Info You Need To Know…

Thanks for all the great feedback on the Mixx Tape show. I am working on more!