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NaPodPoMo 2010 – Show #5

Yes… there is no show #4 since I was sick as a dog yesterday and camped on the couch!  Tonight’s lovely audio comes from the built-in microphone in my laptop – I just keep downgrading my equipment, soon I will...

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NaPodPoMo 2010 – Show #3

Tonight’s show comes in under the wire 30 minutes before the day ends, but I got it done!  Busy day today, met friends for lunch and talked ‘shop’, client meetings, dinner out with the family, and the a friend...

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My Audio Love Affair

There is no other way to say it. I love to read, but some years back found myself with not a lot of time to actually sit still with a bound and printed dead tree and read – hello parenting. I eat books. I read lightening...

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2 weeks of 2 kids

So I’ve survived thus far. Kidlette has begun adapting to a crying baby, although I don’t think he cries all that much. Poor girl, last week I was on the other side of the house and Jack started crying from his crib,...

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7th Son Opener

As you can tell from my pic from PodCamp Philly, I am a HUGE 7th Son fan. And so is my soon to be born Beta Clone #??? Jack – due on Halloween! How excited was I when I saw a call out on Twitter from none other than J.C....

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Changed the feed location

Even though I started my podcast two years ago in February (yeah, 2005), it has evolved… and faded…and unfaded…and faded… and tranformed from PB&J Podcast / Blog & Journal into {Lynette Radio}....

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