It’s been a long long weekend, we are having the Pumpkin’s 2nd birthday party on Sunday (his actual birthday is on Halloween) – I can’t believe he’s *2* already!  Being that I work well with deadlines, we decided to invite a gazillion people over to motivate myself to fix the ‘honey-do’ list around the house.  Last year – YIKES – the shower upstairs


> source terminal location: UNKNOWN
> source terminal identity: UNAVAILABLE
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> message begins

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leaked and ran down the wall, messing up the paint in the downstairs bathroom and kitchen.  So I finally fixed it.  $20 for paint and $300 for all the new fixtures, cabinet and mirror I wanted.  I’ll post pictures when I can!

Kilroy 2.0 is EVERYWHERE

PS – Today my favorite author of all time, J.C. Hutchins, has his brand new book “7th Son” hitting all major bookstores.  Websites, Facebook, and Twitter accounts worldwide are getting ‘hacked’ by one of the main characters of the book.  It’s an amazing story, you really need to check it out.  Be sure to visit his site, subscribe to his podcast (he gives the audio book away for *free*), and purchase a copy or two of the book to read. I promise it’s great!