No surprise I’m a big music fan. What is more surprising is that this year for the first time I am *COMPLETELY HOOKED* on a reality show – American Idol.  ME! Can you believe it!? Unless my house is on fire or one of my kids fell down and is bleeding, I’m watching the show.  One of my favorites Anoop Desai already got voted off – but there is hope for the rest of my ‘A Team’ – Allison Iraheta & Adam Lambert.  I totally love Danny Gokey as well (and his glasses!) What I’ve been thinking about lately is how all of the songs the contestants have been singing are covers – mostly very famous ones. I would love see some original songs, or better yet covers of some independent artists. Like Matthew Ebel, Kevin Reeves and Lee Coulter.  I have also been thinking about what songs would match each artist.  It’s about time that American Idol start showcasing some incredible talent of a different kind…

Now I’m no music producer and have no idea if these songs would really work for the voices that each American Idol has, but hell, some of them sang Donna Summer, so I’m sure it can be done!  My iPod has a constant rotation of all the released American Idol songs by these four artists, as well as Mathew Ebel, Kevin Reeves and Lee Coulter.  And the always-present full-career playlist from Rick Springfield.

  • Anoop –
    • “I Know You’re There” by Matthew Ebel
    • “Shine” by Kevin Reeves
    • “Free” by Rick Springfield
  • Allison –
    • “Mother” by Kevin Reeves
    • “Photograph” by Lee Coulter
    • “I’ll Make You Happy” by Rick Springfield
  • Adam –
    • “Booty Voodoo” by Lee Coulter
    • “Afraid and Alone” by Kevin Reeves
    • “Who Killed Rock & Roll” by Rick Springfield
  • Danny –
    • “Walk A Thousand Miles” by Matthew Ebel
    • “I Will Wait for You” by Matthew Ebel
    • “I’ll Miss That Someday” by Rick Springfield

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