How exciting, right? Hell yeah it is (for me)! Like I mentioned in the last post, for Valentine’s Day my husband got me a new cell phone. It’s a HTC Mogul on Sprint and it’s *sexy*. I swore I’d never call a piece of technology sexy, but it fits! The only thing I need to get to work better is the sync between my MacBook Pro and the Windows Mobile 6 OS on the phone. I use a product called Missing Sync, but it has a little way to go to be ‘great’. Also, the WM6 won’t run .EXE files or pretty much anything else (so I need to use .CAB files directly) because M$ thinks we are all stupid and may actually install a program that we really need to use. So far I’ve gotten Skype to work (not tried voice yet), IM, Twitter, my work & Google email, Google Maps, and a few other vital apps for me. As a geeky, on-the-go mom, this phone totally rocks. The thing really is a mini-laptop.

We were seriously loosing faith in Sprint because of their lack of cool phones. We both signed on with Sprint in our area before they had hardly any cell towers in this section of the state, and we’ve both stuck with them through multiple 2-year contracts – 11+ years to be exact. Who stays with a cell company that long, especially now that you can bring your number with you when you swap? Their data/texting plan is great, and because we both use a lot of both, Sprint makes the most sense for us. Let me tell you, AT&T and the iPhone was very tempting for me, but we stayed with Sprint even after a few MAJOR faux pas with billing and customer service. This phone has totally redeemed Sprint in my eyes.

Now I’m on the hunt for a Blue Tooth headset – any suggestions? I normally shop Amazon, especially for the reviews, but most headsets in my price range (under $40) have reviews all over the map. I’d prefer a headset that can charge from a mini-USB port (not take batteries) and that sounds great. The fit is important too, as I’m seeing that women tend to like one set of headsets, and men another.

On that note, I’ve been wondering for awhile now how one becomes an ‘official’ mommy-blogger that gets cars to test drive and BT headsets to try? 😉 I’ve got to have some sort of connection in the blogosphere to get me hooked up with some advertisers!!  I was thinking about splitting/copying off all my parent/kid related posts here and starting a mommy-specific blog, but not sure it’s worth the extra upkeep at this point.
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