Wow, have I really not posted in over two weeks? How does life get so crazy? Oh, yeah, now I remember, my daughter is sick and now so am I. It’s the twice-yearly sinus/sore throat/lost voice variety of cooties. So now in our house we have…

  • “The Sick One” – Kidlette
  • “The Cranky One” – Baby (just got his 4 month shots & is teething)
  • “The Blind One” – Pug #1
  • “The Dumb One” – Pug #2
  • “The Busy One” – My husband
  • “The Sick & Tired (or Tired & Sick) One” – ME.

Before my daughter was born, I’d call the dogs ‘asshole’ if they really did something stupid like pee at the bottom of the stairs for me to step in on my way downstairs in the AM. Now that I have to censor my language around my daughter, I have resorted to calling the dogs by their ‘other’ nicknames (listed above). Having a nickname in my house is useful especially if we need to talk about something in front of our kid(s) that we don’t want connected to the actual perpetrator person we were speaking about. You know, the old ‘my brother-in-laws, wifes mom’ deal.

Nicknames also help because I seem to be either losing my mind or getting old (is there a difference?) and can’t remember anyone’s damn name. My grandmother does this all the time. With the luxury of having five kids, their spouses, ten grandkids, and four great-grandkids, she’s got plenty of names to furbar. I am proud to say as her eldest grandchild, I am taking right after her.

Oh, yeah, I was talking about sick people. There are sick people in my house, and I’m one of them. My daughter has been out of school since Monday morning (I had to go get her an hour after school started). February and March are always really bad months for me. The lack of sunshine really kill my mood and throw me into a mini-depression and make me lust for a warm place to vacation. I’m not a fan of snow or cold weather so by this time of year I’m fed up with it all. Plus I normally wind up sicker than a dog because Mother Nature tricks me with a few warm days this time of year and it messes me up. Yesterday I realized that 1) I suck as a mom when I’m sick and 2) God really loves me, that’s why She had the kids take turns and sleep while the other was fussy.

Is there a point to this post? No. That’s the whole point of my blog. To have no point. And to ramble when mommy duties make my brain turn to unresponsive gray matter.

In other news, I’m trying very hard to keep an eye out on the whole of USA politics. This election is WAY too important. Politics is a very serious responsibility and for the first time I’m really taking a detailed look into it. And by that I don’t mean buying what the media is trying to feed me, but what my peers (aka bloggers) think. People that I can relate to, have families like I do, believe in what I do. These are the folks who’s opinions I care about, not some newspaper reporter. My voting track record sucks, as every single presidential candidate I’ve ever voted for has lost. Dumb and Dumber (aka Sr. & W.) are *not* my fault. Or the idiot in between. Hell, every New Jersey gubernatorial candidate I’ve ever voted for has lost.

So I’m voting this year for McCain and/or Hillary. 😉