Snugg purple iPad3 case Snugg approached me to take a look at their iPad leather covers and let me pick one to review. I can tell you I’m not a fan of those iPad cases that come from Apple – everyone has them & the colors are boring. Meaning that there is no purple. As you might be able to tell, I love colorful things, especially purple things. The Snugg case comes in 14 colors including purple and a great bright green (which would have been my choice if purple wasn’t available).

Things I love:

  • The color. Seriously, even if the Snugg case didn’t come in purple (and my favorite shade to boot) it does come in a lot of bright and unique colors. I need my devices to stand out from other people’s.
  • The stand. I like that I can make the iPad lie fairly flat to type on an angle and I can flip it around to watch videos easily.
  • The stylus loop. I love using a stylus and find I can type and draw better with it. (Now I just have to hunt down my stylus.)

Things that are ‘eh’:

  • You only get two ‘angles’ to set the iPad up with. My old case (which was dearly loved but destroyed and frayed after two years of solid use) had three ‘levels’ to angle the iPad with. In the end it’s really not that big a difference – two angles vs. three but it just takes some adjustment.
  • The fit is snug and it took about a week for the leather to relax a bit.
  • There is an elastic holder of some sort on the back and I’m not quite sure how to use it.

All in all I feel that the Snugg case will protect my iPad safely. I am careful with my tech gadgets but honestly the iPad gets tossed in my laptop bag several times a day and takes quite a beating when I travel.

Now I just have to go look on the site for more cases since both our kids are getting iPads for Christmas. Our daughter gets the iPad mini Retina case in electric blue (because it looks like the TARDIS color) & our son gets my original iPad 1 which they still carry cases for (in orange so I can find it easily when he leaves it on the couch!)