Just decided to pop in a blog entry rather than a Twitter… I’ve been up late – well late for me anyway – typing away at a killer proposal for Purple Stripe. Feels good to finally get back to my business, and help feed my family and keep us stocked with the amenities we are used to (like the Dove chocolate, hot tea, Maalox, and Fruit2O on my desk now).

My eyes are blurry from staring at my laptop for so long, and my fingers are cramping up a bit. Strange, but I’m finding it hard to stop working tonight, maybe it’s because it’s a kick ass project and something that I’m totally passionate about. Funny how that happens. But, after this blog post, I have to hit the hay, as I’m not accustomed to staying up past 8pm lately and fear I may rip the time/space continuum if I alter my sleep patterns too much.

I’m coming up on my 36th (OMG I SAID IT!) birthday and pregnant with kidlette #2 (aka Final Release). This pregnancy is kickin’ my butt for sure, and my upcoming age increase is not helping. And if that weren’t bad enough, it’s hard to sit upright and not get dizzy as some sort of sinus/ear infection has been plauging me for the past six weeks or so. Because of the ‘delicate’ condition I’m in, I was restricted from taking good drugs to prevent the killer headaches and associated inflictions that go with it. Added bonus, being so sick has dropped my appetite to nil, so I’ve actually lost weight. Oh, wait, I’m not supposed to do that, I’m pregnant. Crud. Hell, our mom’s drank and smoked (lord knows WHAT) and had more drugs in them than a national pharmacy chain during childbirth and we came out ok. Didn’t we?? I am a good mom and refrain from all that is bad, but dammit I miss sushi and booze. And decent allergy meds.

Ok, I think the late hour has made me nuts, and I need to save off my work before I fall asleep on (not at, but ON) my keyboard again.

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