Even though I started my podcast two years ago in February (yeah, 2005), it has evolved… and faded…and unfaded…and faded… and tranformed from PB&J Podcast / Blog & Journal into {Lynette Radio}.

When the last name of Radio came up in Second Life, I switched accounts and never looked back. I thought that Radio was a cool last name for a podcaster. Little did I know it would be come my persona, my brand. Hell, I sign it on my credit card receipts sometimes. Because of that, I finally went into Feedburner and changed the feed name. Upper right corner of this blog, two icons – you will have to resubscribe your RSS feeders to get the blog and podcast (and soon…vidcast? GASP!) entries for this oh-so-lovely site you are reading right now.

Oh, the other thing… head over to Purple Stripe Productions and check out the podcast and blog there. Phish SPEAKS. Still a new thing for me to have another person on a show, but we thought since we discuss metaverse-type topics all the time, why not record it?