As you can tell from my pic from PodCamp Philly, I am a HUGE 7th Son fan. And so is my soon to be born Beta Clone #??? Jack – due on Halloween! How excited was I when I saw a call out on Twitter from none other than J.C. Hutchins himself for someone to do a quick chapter opener for his latest episode? My fingers couldn’t type fast enough! I have been very patiently waiting for JCH to find the time in his schedule to put out a new show, and now I – and baby Beta Clone Jack – get to open the show!

If you have not heard his stuff so far, PLEASE go check out and download the story from the beginning. It really is an incredible story, and JCH does a great job voicing all the characters.

If your stopping by my blog because you heard my oh-so-cool 15 second opener, well…thanks! Be sure to check out some of my other stuff on the ‘net – Purple Stripe Productions (the company I work at where we develop Second Life content and consulting) and (the podcast that needs to come un-faded!)

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