Some days you just have to leave the office. Today was one of those days. Only 5 miles from the home office abode, we escaped to Panera’s. They make coffee for me and have yummy bagels. The B&N across the parking lot actually picks up the free wifi from Panera’s, if you sit close enough to the window. But the vibe here is much better.

I deserved a morning out to brainstorm with Phish, and get unlimited refills of decaf coffee while slowly becoming deaf from the senior citizens yelling over one another. There is a new coffee shop opening up soon one more town over, when that happens I’ll have to check that out for wifi and grub to see how it fares. At least they don’t block Second Life here and have a decent amount of electric outlets, unlike B&N.

Yesterday was a pretty junky day. Kidlette got bullied on the bus, and was so freaked out she didn’t want to get on the bus or go to school today. Phish and I worked it out, no problems. Of course the school got a call yesterday, and he chatted with the teacher last night. Things are so different nowadays. Stressful.

On the baby front, I’m still holding tight with 12 days to go. Kickin’ back antibiotics every night, and hoping like hell it kicks this chest/throat cold I get every year.  I hear there are more germs in a hospital than anywhere else, and if I go in there sick, I’ll wind up leaving nearly dead.  Wish me luck!