I’ve got ’em. Again. Every year in the spring and again in the fall I get this funky upper chest and throat cold. You know, the one where I completely lose my voice or sound dangerously close to a frog. Two weeks from delivering a baby and I wind up with that cold again. I can’t breathe as it is – my lungs and major internal organs are crushed from the weight of a 8.5+ pound fetus. Biggest fear is not being able to go through with the c-section because of this. Or even worse…having to do it EARLY. Doctors sure do get funny when you can’t breathe. I’m off to the shaman this afternoon for a checkup and to see what drugs I can take to kick this out of my system.

On top of that, the dear ol’ husband is sick too, but with something different. Oh, what a fun household this is. I hope Kidlette doesn’t get sick – fingers crossed, knock on wood – she’s in 1st grade with a whole slew of new boogie factories and hasn’t gotten anything yet.

How am I supposed to milk the last few weeks of pregnancy AND being sick if the others in the house are sick too?  So not fair.  I can barely WALK and there is no one to go and get me yummy bagels or go grocery shopping for me.  This stinks!!!!