Hospital BraceletsNot exactly my favorite place to be at only 36 weeks pregnant, especially first thing in the morning. Not my favorite place to drive to myself, and without my husband with me, but I was in such rough shape last night a trip into labor/delivery was needed. I knew it would turn out to be ‘nothing’ but after weeks of contractions every night, I threw in the towel and called in to get checked out. Babies never do what you want them to WHEN you want them to – so no really bad pains when I was hooked up to the monitors.

On my 7 mile drive to the hospital this morning, a midwife calls me on my cell and says – plan on staying a few hours, we need to hook you up to an IV … and don’t be surprised if the doctor on call wants to deliver you today. WTF!!?? HELLO, my husband is at work! I’ve got a few ‘red flag’ items on my charts that make the midwives and doctors a bit skiddish of taking any chances. The doc on call thought I was 37 weeks and sounded like he was going to keep me in for a delivery – until I made him realize that, uh, yeah, it’s too early! Thank goodness I wasn’t a week further along or I’m sure that the scalpel-happy OB/GYN would have wanted to deliver this baby (he said it was a slow day – he must have been bored).

Now that it’s pretty much a given that this kid of mine is huge, I had to schedule a repeat c-section. The only upsides to that – I get to plan a bit better AND it’s scheduled for 8am on Halloween! How cool is a pumpkin baby!?? After wrapping my brain around the fact that I get to have a needle in my spine again and sliced open like a mackerel, this baby had better not show up early!