That very line came out of my daughter’s mouth this morning. I asked her to repeat it three times because I wasn’t sure if I heard her correctly. At breakfast this morning we were going over the school calendar for the remaining weeks of the year. I’m required to attend two events at the school – an ‘authors workshop’ showcase and a carnival. That’s when she dropped the bomb. She doesn’t think I dress like the other moms, let alone an adult. WHOA. Granted, I’m dressed in a white V-neck tee, gray capri yoga pants, pink flip flops, and pigtails. Awww, shucks, do I have to dress like *them*? All the other women I see at the school are almost always in business attire or dressed in fashionable clothes with makeup on. Even my kid sees I need a makeover. I pray the other moms don’t notice…

I just blew $500 on clothes for the kids and I for the summer. My husband paid the credit card bill this morning and let me know. I am a bargain-queen shopper for clothing three people for that price, and it included gifts for my new nephew. Plus, I’m in the process of losing the baby fat from my last pregnancy, and have already dropped a size. My closet is extremely bare-bones. I make runs every other week to Goodwill to donate old (size 6) clothes I’ve had since before I met my husband. My only splurge is whenever I come across Crocs knockoffs in a color I don’t already own. I long for the real thing, in purple and pink and aqua and most other colors, but I’m cheap.

I did, for some unknown reason, have the foresight to pick up two really cute skirts and held onto two really cute wrap dresses. She petitioned for the dresses, until I explained to her I can’t nurse the baby with a one-piece dress on. We ended the conversation by agreeing that I’ll wear an outfit she gets to pick out for me. My job is to do my hair and makeup and keep the baby from crying when it’s her turn on stage.

I think I can manage that and look like an adult at the same time.

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