No surprise I’m super-involved in Second Life by now. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of keeping regular business hours, a la Adam Reuters. In the very least put up a Google calendar with hours anyway.

First thing I want to pass along that I’m attending, is the Pontiac Motorati “Let’s Make A Dealership” contest. Festivities are to be held Friday February 2nd at 7pm SLT (check the link above for a SLURL to the location.) L$50,000 is mighty nice money, just for showing up and making your avatar stand out enough to catch the eye of Gideon Television, Superstar. No easy feat from what I understand, Gideon has very particular taste. He’s quite the flashy guy himself, so catching his eye will take skill and talent.

Saturday February 3rd at 5pm SLT Cleon Goff in conjunction with Second Life Notes is hosting live music at the Dirty U-Turn Cafe (once again, check the link for the SLURL). Cleon has a breakdown of preformers and times on his blog. Going to hear live music in Second Life is one of my favorite non-work things to do, and the fact that it’s podsafe artists makes it that much more interesting.
Monday February 19th at 9pm SLT is a Sadie Hawkins Day dance over at Yxes & Banana’s island. I’ve got to find a date. And then get the nerve to ask…. oh yeah, my husband is DJ’ing the event, so I guess I have a built in date. Awww that’s no fun. I think I’ll ask someone else anyway!