It took me awhile to get around to doing it and talking myself and my business partner / husband into realizing that we needed it. We were going to get it last summer, but decided against it. Tonight we realized that we need move my office.

Space is an issue, yes, but more importantly, I need a space that I own, and not rent (or own in a co-op situation), so that I’ve got complete control. A space to set up for clients to come around and meet, as well as use as well if they need to. I’m getting really tired of having to borrow space to host meetings.

Hopefully in about a month, we’ll start to move. I’ve been planning how to decorate for quite some time, but the task of actually getting it done will take a little bit – good thing I’ve got friends that can help out!

Oh! Did I mention I’m talking about my Second Life office? We finally got around to dropping an island of our own.

PS – My ‘real life’ office is almost done as well. Just one more quick coat of paint and then it’s time to move back in.