LynetteRadio I Hate Snow

Want to strike terror in my heart?

Philadelphia and places east have the best chances of seeing over a foot (of snow)

I am beginning to **hate** New Jersey. I’ve lived here all my life and this is the year (my 44th) that it finally broke me. I’m getting ready to go to San Diego and then Las Vegas for conferences and I already know I will be overpacking on the chance I can just STAY in SoCal.







I’ve been to San Diego a half dozen times by now and within the very first hour of my very first trip I knew I needed to find a way to pick up my family and move here.

In the meantime I am honestly intrigued by friends that have literally just SOLD EVERYTHING THEY OWNED and GONE TO EUROPE.


ShEvo.WTF (best domain ever in my opinion – but now new and upgraded to The Opportunistic Travelers) highlights an old podcaster friend Evo and his amazing wife Shelia (hence the #ShEvo tag) and their travels bumming houses and discovering what tourists don’t. I back their Patreon and while it allots me some cool perks, I am happy to be donating at least a beer a month to their adventures. I also feel a tiny bit I’m making a deposit into my karma bank for the day that my family and I can do the same type of adventure.

While Europe may be a long way off, San Diego for summers and then next the UK and Australia are adventures I’m trying to actively plan starting in 2016.

You can’t plan for a dream unless you can see it.