Lynette Radio iPod Video Time Capsule

Cleaning out my dressing room the other day I came across my old iPod Video 60GB in a forgotten purse. (The battery was dead of course.) I’ve since plugged it into my computer and charged it up and flipped through this tiny technology timecapsule of my past audio interests. If my memory serves me right, this was my first ‘official’ Apple device. Prior to this I had some sort of purple MP3 player that I picked up for much less than the Apple devices were going for. When my second podcast was in full swing, I *really* needed a true Apple device to *test* (not really but I wanted it!) how my show and cover art would look on the same device that my listeners consumed the content on. Funny because podcasting has been on my mind a lot lately, both with starting up a new show of own as working with agencies to help their clients create and market their own brand shows.

I’m not sure yet what I’ll do with this old tech. Sadly my modern version of iTunes ( won’t recognize the device. Looks like for the time being I’ll have to just keep the music and podcasts on the little fella that were there from years past.

Nowadays my iPhone 6 Plus at a whopping 128GB takes the place of a phone (which I next-to-never take or make actual phone calls), iPad and iPod. It’s a great little reminder of a place in time where my journey into the digital arts of marketing really started to take off.

I think I’ll keep it just as it is!

iPod Video Time Capsule