WHOA. I figured I’d start some sort of project over the weekend since Phish is going to be at SLCC and I’m *not*. Keep my mind off it, ya know? As it is I’m taking him to the airport on Friday, going back again Saturday to pick up my mom, and once again on Monday to transport the Phish home from his whirlwind solo weekend.

Tonight I went into the basement looking to sort out kidlette’s baby clothes to see what I could salvage for a baby boy. Also got out the old baby gear like strollers and pack -n- plays. And found some big, but thankfully dead, spiders. UGH. See what happens when you CLEAN? Friends of our down the street just dropped off two more bags of boy clothes I have to wash and sort too.

I don’t have the energy for this. After digging through the offspring paraphernalia, I found a huge container of old maternity clothes. WTH? I thought I got rid of all of it, and have been living on extremely minimal clothing for 7.5 months now. I do my laundry like every 4 days because I have almost zero clothing that fits me, let alone anything business-worthy. I really feel like a slob showing up for business functions in black leggings and pre-maternity tops stretched tight. At least now for all the business and conference functions I’ve got coming up I’ll have clothes that fit.

Not sure if I have enough laundry detergent in the house now. Good thing I cleaned out my closet in the spring. Now I just have to make room for bebe #2’s clothes!