Today I just went and updated my calendars (and had Phish figure out how I can publish my iCalendar to my website so we as a business and family can stay updated without shouting across the office). I am not sure I have time left over to have a baby. Too bad I’m not more of a “let’s just schedule a date to have this baby” kind of girl. I thrive on schedules. I live by them. I am, after all, at my core, a project manager. I see about 7 days scattered over 3 weeks that would be okay to have this baby.

Philadelphia Podcamp. New Media Expo. SLCC (can’t attend due to kidlette care issues – *EXTREMELY* bummed out). Three client schedules so far (and counting). 1st grade and all the Back To School Nights, PTO, and 1/2 days that go along with it. Midwife appointments. Family functions. Holidays. But…no vacation!

Some things I will let team members handle. Some things are all ME. With any luck my mom is getting a buyer for her house, but will only have weeks to pack and move before closing. Since a lot of her things are coming to my house for storage, I have a lot to do domestically as well. I did, however, survive the sleepover birthday party we had for kidlette’s 6th birthday. Cleaning rampage before the party, during the party (can you say FunDip and Play-Doh all over my family room & kitchen??), and after the party. Cleaning does take some time out of my workday – hazard of a home office – but to make up for it I’m usually working nights/weekends. Not great for my blood pressure (which is HIGH) but it works for us.

This week just feels like the beginning of the end of the year for me. Last week kicked off a busy weekend (birthday for kidlette) and my schedule will go nonstop until the end of January 2008. Every week has a major client, event, family function, holiday, or BIRTH going on. I’m sure there is room for more, there always is.

I am no Super Woman. I can be great at everything I do, but maybe not just all at the same exact time. I need a nap.