And what a book it was! I’m done reading the very last Harry Potter book and it only took me 14 hours. Not bad considering I have an almost-6 year old in the house recovering from strep throat (and two loose front teeth… and two incoming molars…) We went to the toy store before the book arrived and loaded up on Play Doh and related toys so the husband and I could have some time to read – uninterrupted. I may go back next week and read the book again, just for fun. Geek, I know. All in all I thought it was the best book in the series. I did cry several times, pregnant hormones or not. My husband did finish the book as well, just not in one day like I did. I’ve got a near-photographic memory, and remember the most minute details, so it seems to be driving him a little nuts that 1) I read at the speed of light and 2) remember the craziest and most obscure details.

In other news, I have just completely filled up any free work and personal time I may have had for the next few weeks (but new clients are always encouraged to contact us /grin/). I’ve got a new project on my plate, and not for work. Well, we’ve got three new projects this week for work, but that’s a different story.

My mom is {hopefully – fingers crossed} getting an offer on her house, but the requested closing date coupled with her vacation will leave a whopping three weeks to pack and clear out her house. Which leave less than that to completely clear out a bay in our garage for her to use for storage. I’m sure a storage place would be like $100 a month, but why spend it if you don’t have to? She can buy a new couch or something with the money saved. Besides, it’s a great excuse to clean out my garage. Not like I’ve got a 1/2 done craft room, 1/2 done formal living room, or 3/4 done dining room to finish. Oh, and a baby on they way in 15 (or less) weeks. Kidlette’s birthday is coming up, which means I also have to attempt the pre-birthday toy purge to make room for more incoming /useless/ junk.

My tools of choice? Craigslist (to finally sell a 1979 Alpha Spider Veloce that has been useless to a family of almost-4 … oh, and maybe the husband’s motorcycle to!) and Service Magic to find someone to clean my house and fix some shutters. Ah, I’m so glad I’m back on the Internets! Not an eBay fan at all, especially not for big ticket items, so that’s out.

While I’m at useless rambling… how about a bebe update? 25 weeks in, 15 to go. Kickin’ up a storm in there too. Weighs a bit over a pound and is about 13″ long. Lucky for me I’m old and get extra ultrasounds to keep an eye on me/babe. The last kid (aka Kidlette) flipped us off for the ultrasound. Yes, we have a pic. This one likes to show off his boy parts. I’m totally screwed. My kids are winding up just like their mom.