I’m enjoying my media blackout, catching up on work and reading, anxiously awaiting the mail delivery on Saturday of the final Harry Potter book. Cranked out paperwork for several clients and even thought about working on a fun project in the house for me.

**SMACK** Yes, that was a smack to the back of my head when I wasn’t looking.

After picking up our daughter from summer program yesterday, she was burning up and fell asleep in the car. Sigh. Up all night watching her in a restless sleep with a 103 degree fever … and a sore throat to boot. It’s times like this I wish I could still tap a vein and pump in Red Bull. Getting through work today was an exercise in focus, as I had none, and needed to be on the phone a lot with clients.

I have to say, even though sometimes I get pissy when our family doctors take 2 weeks to get me an appointment, when I call for my daughter, they take her within the hour. Last time she went to the doctors I chickened out, she was getting shots, and I made my husband take her. This time, she gets yummy bubblegum-flavored antibiotics and instructions from the doctor to eat ice pops and sit on the couch and watch TV. Strep throat stinks, I’ve had it lots, but what kid can argue with that treatment schedule?

As I type this, she’s conked out in the living room, sweating out her fever in her sleep. When she wakes, it’s juice and ice pops for dinner, and a movie with the family hanging out on the couch. I’m not quite sure my mom was ever as cool as I am when I was sick as a kid.

EDIT – Bad things come in 3’s??  Poor kidlette has not eaten much solid food in 6 days, and now come to find out her top two teeth are loose AND her back molars are coming in.  The teeth situation is not making her want to chew food, although the strep throat soreness is gone.  I think she’s lost about 3-4 pounds, which is a lot considering she’s 52 pounds to start with!