I am a Harry Potter fan. Not an over-the-top, crazy-like-Mad-Eye-Moody, I-know-everything-about-every-actor kind of fan, but a huge fan. Started out with the first movie, and went back and raided my husband’s stash of the books. Now, the tension in our household is that I read faster than the speed of light, and he is a casual reader. Meaning he reads like a ‘normal’ person, taking a few weeks to finish a book (although I suspect the last Harry Potter book will be a bit faster). I read 800 page books in under a day. Now I do pick days where I can be totally lazy and sit on the couch, or stay up late, but still. After we went to see the Order of the Phoenix movie (book #5) the day it came out, I came home and read book #6. And finished it the next morning.

Needless to say we had to pre-order TWO of book #7 for delivery on July 21st, because I cannot tolerate the fact that we would share a book and he would slow me down. I have also promised him to absolutely not say a word about any plot twist or identifying feature in the book.

But that’s not to say other idiots out there don’t try to post spoilers in unrelated message threads and ruin it for the rest of us. If the fate of the Harry Potter characters was a life or death situation for me or my family, well, then, YES, I want spoilers to give me an edge. But ruining the fun and the hype of the last book, the end of an era? No thanks, I want to read the books myself. We knew we were going to have to stay away from places online that may have spoiler info, but we thought it would be after the book was released. Stupid people are putting info out (true or not) on the ‘net NOW. AHHHH. That totally ticks me off.

For this reason I think I’m going to take myself offline a bit and crack down with work until the book is out. July 21st I will be completely offline and reading. When my computer flips back on later that day or Sunday, all I will want to do is find online discussion boards. So don’t look to find me until at least Monday for work (yes, I actually plan on working five days this week instead of seven…)

So, I say for the time being, good bye sweet Internet, I love you most of all. See you again on Monday…