I look at this video and think about some of the statistics. My brother is 21, and has logged all that TV and text messaging time. My daughter is 6 and has had her own PC since 4. Bebe #2 will be born in 2007 and has staggering statistics attached to his age bracket already. This fall our daughter will be going to a new school, for first grade, and I really wonder what schools will be like in 12 years, or colleges in 16 years. What they will be teaching, and what kids will want to know? I sure as hell didn’t need to know – nor did I LEARN – any of the tools that I use in my everyday life or business in school. I learned mathematics, history, literature, science, marketing. We adapted, and learned it as we went along. Made it up as we went along. Invented it along the way. What kinds of skills will our kids have to have to just keep up?