When the hell is it going to end? How connected does one person have to be to stay “in”? Once you get in it, you have to follow where your friends are. Or follow where your friends go. Or at least follow where the conversation might be going next. Or follow the people that you want to be your friends. Or follow the people you want to notice you. Or make sure you are in before anyone else. Or praying someone will email you an invite to the cool new network.

Online, all the time. No meal eaten un-Twittered. No slacker shot un-Flickr’d. No obscure acquaintance un-LinkedIn. No stupid Photoshop’d picture un-BoingBoing’d. No life un-documented, un-photographed, un-recorded, un-video’d, un-published. Every human is public property now, with their minute-by-minute history being archived daily by Google.

At the end of the day, when your head hits the pillow, does any of it MATTER? As I’m typing all this up, my head swimming with websites, user accounts, passwords, invites… the little baby in my belly is kicking up a storm. He could give a shit if his mom is CONNECTED. If I were to unplug and jump off the ride, would anyone care? Notice? Be profoundly affected? NO. My family would be turned on it’s ear if I stopped CONNECTING with them though. Three weeks from now is it that important that I Twittered what I had for lunch? NO. But it is important that three weeks ago I took my daughter on a class trip.

Anyone else tired of chasing electrons around the ‘net?

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