Last night TheDiva Rockin and I were wandering around Second Life, shopping – she had work to shop for and I was tired of working and wanted to travel around with her. I did pick up some gorgeous summer dresses, now I have to hunt down the same style in real life (wonder if that’s possible?).

It’s been so long since I had ‘social time’ to stop and chat with new avatars, especially people that are pleasant to talk to and not obnoxious. Wandering around a hair store (if you’re not in Second Life, it’s like shopping for wigs basically) and ran into a guy, one month old, that desperately needed help shopping. Figuring he needed some money, I was feeling generous and gave some, especially since he didn’t panhandle. Diva and I wound up helping him out and made a new friend in the meantime. Turns out he was kind enough to blog about the event. How sweet. I guess I’m returning the favor.

It’s been a long time since I went out of my way to help a new avatar out – and by that I mean doing more than helping out via chat, but actually hopping around from place to place helping a lost avatar find their way. I always try to help people out, but lately have been so swamped with work that it’s hard to take the time. Last night was a nice reminder that with a little help and mentoring, one person can help another turn a Second Life experience from a disaster (and not wanting to return) into a friendlier outcome. I’ve read so many blogs of people that go in Second Life for 30 minutes and leave, never to return, because they got frustrated or someone said something rude to them. It’s obvious they don’t give the platform a chance. I bet if more folks had a friendly face to help them along in the beginning more people would see the value of the world. Look me up in Second Life if you are thinking about joining up – it’s more fun to explore a bit with someone that knows the language and landscape than hitchhiking around the world alone!

Diva was right in recommending that the single most important thing to get out of Second Life was not Linden$, but a social circle. After all, aren’t friends worth more than money?

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