I’ve been tagged on Twitter! Never got around in the past to respond to stuff like this, but when Ed Roberts tags you… well… I’m doin’ it! Ed has been a terrific podcaster and Second Life friend for a long time now – we even share the same last name in Second Life! Sometimes we get mistaken for husband/wife in the game, but I love Ed like a brother (as adorable as he is!)

Ok, this post is pretty simple : write 8 things about yourself and pass it on for others to do the same. I’m a pretty open person, so you may already know this stuff!

  1. I went to school for a little bit for mortuary science (dead people give you less headaches than living people) but switched to computer science (computers give you more headaches than living people)
  2. Used to be a champion skating competitor (roller skating that is…sad, I know)
  3. Worked at a Dairy Queen in my hometown from the age of 14 to 19 during the summers
  4. First real job out of high school was as a network administrator so I could pay for college
  5. Moved out of my parents house at 18 when they moved down south
  6. Do not like to drive cars, must be a truck or SUV-type vehicle or I don’t feel safe
  7. Have had over 100 stitches in my lifetime (tomboy!)
  8. Still keep in touch with my very first boyfriend.  He needs to find a good woman though, he’s still quite a catch (any single women in their early 30’s live in Florida??)

Now the hard part is coming up with three people to tag!!