So I did wind up going out the other night, I figured it would be the last time I could since I can still ‘hide’ my belly! So I drank one Coke and a bottle of water, and laughed at the drunk girls getting hit on by the dorkiest of guys.

On my way out of the club, for some weird reason my shoes were loose (after standing for 3.5 hours??) and I tripped a bit walking out the front door. Well of course there are 12 cops and 6 security guards at the door picking off the drunks to keep them from driving, and one of the security guards took me by the wrist (the one I banged up when I dropped a garbage can on it). Of course I yell a bit, and he DEFINITELY flags me as drunk. Great. I’m like “I’M NOT DRUNK” and he’s not buying it, so I flashed my oh-so-sexy preggo belly and maternity panel pants I was hiding. He jumped back and nearly screamed. Funniest damn thing I’ve seen in awhile.

Friend sees the scene and comes to walk me to my car, on the way stopping to yell to another friend that I came out to see the band – and I was having a baby. The next thing I heard was “RIGHT NOW??!!” (as in I’m in labor NOW). Men are such dorks. Fun night though.

The next morning getting up was killer to say the least, and I wound up taking a 2.5 hour nap. So of course that screwed up my sleep last night. Up at 3am, listening to thunder, and my daughter and husband in our bed snoring over the storm outside. I will never get sleep at night again, but hey, it’s getting me in shape again for a baby, right??