Every time we go to Chick-Fil-A I get the song “Hurray for Pizza Day” from Jonathan Coulton in my head. Kidlette likes going because they have an awesome playroom and she likes the food (always a plus). There are kids programs going on at least once a week, anything from storytime to magicians. There are always balloons for the kids. There are fresh flowers on all the tables. When I come in with a kid that runs off to the playroom and another one in a car carrier, the manager or owner carries my tray to my table and offers us soda refills. This morning I stopped at the drive through for breakfast (free breakfasts all this week), and the owner John came and brought me my order personally and reached out the window to say hello and shake my hand. If I already didn’t know how awesome they are, I would have been completely freaked out. I mean, can you imagine someone at the Golden Arches doing that? NO. Hell, most of the time they can’t even get your order right.

Having owned a retail store, I *completely* understand the need for good customer service. CFA, at least my local one, goes way above and beyond. Every person that works there is nice … extra nice. The first time or two I went in I was kind of freaked out by how polite they are. It can’t all go back to the fact that the store is closed every Sunday. I know the founders are Christian and have built their business on very high standards and values. I’m not a huge fan of mixing religion and business, especially if it becomes intrusive to customers. Not so in this case. Anyway, I’m really really glad to see a business that seems to honestly value families and treat every customer with respect.

Is CFA the little engine that could? As far as restaurants go, I eat at non-chain, locally-owned joints as much as we can. So for me to go ahead and admit personally that I totally love a fast food place is crazy. Even more surprising is that I am now 110% brand loyal to them, and will seek out their products over all others.

See what a little kindness to a frazzled mom with two kids can do?