Holy shit. That’s all I can say about this. New kids book hitting the shelf, My Beautiful Mommy, that helps ease the fears of children when their mommies go under the knife for the sake of beauty.

Here I am weeks away from turning 37, and to me that is just three short years from 40 – the self-designated timeframe of surgically repositioning my chest from years of breastfeeding. Maybe I should pick this book up for my kids? I mean, the Pumpkin Prince will be 3 and Kidlette will be 9. Oh, maybe I can just talk to them if I get the nerve to actually go through with the surgery? I can totally see a benefit to a book like this, I mean, if I were a Cali socialite that could hire a 24/7 nanny (or manny… yum), I could hand them the book to read to my kid while I recover at a spa someplace, sans offspring. Write kids books about losing a pet, about understanding a mom that’s tired from cancer treatments, about moving and starting at a new school. These things are important in a child’s life – serious issues that sometimes parents need help explaining.

HELLO!?! It’s sad that this book would get written, let alone published. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a best-seller.

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