It’s the same wish I had for the Presidential Debate.  No mud-slinging, no trying to twist the opponents words around and make him (or her) look like an ass, no distorted facts.  I am not holding my breath.  And, oh, can you make some eye contact this time?  Because you are debating with each other, not the moderator or the TV cameras.

No secret here that I’m an Obama supporter, but there is actually a chance in hell that McCain/Palin will get elected.  If that is the case, they need to come more to the center where the rest of us Americans live.  I don’t have the money to move to Canada like I threatened when Bush I & II came into office.  I’ve seen interviews of McCain where he says that no poll he’s ever seen contains data that suggests that America is disillusioned with Palin.  What the hell is he reading?  And what does one reporters ‘opinion’ that a McCain ad giving the impression that the “lipstick on a pig” comment was directed to Palin (when it *clearly* was not and was taken out of context) have to do with his service record?

Thanks to Queen of Spain for finding this video.

Please, I’m begging you McCain and Palin, and all of your supporters, help me understand.  Why is ‘straight talk’ not just that?  Why do they distort facts and quotes and try to scare us?  Fear is not how I raise my kids, I raise them with compassion, firmness, understanding, and knowledge.  And love, but that doesn’t really have any place in an election.  Fear is how they want to win this election, and run the country.  Make the other countries fear us.  Hello, that has not worked.  It doesn’t work in parenting, and it won’t work for running this country.  I’m really frightened what will happen if they keep bulldozing their way through politics if they do win.  And God forbid, if McCain lives up to the actuary tables and opens the door for Palin to sit in the Oval Office.

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