Just wanted to put up one of the videos that I’ve uploaded already from the Jordan Pruitt / ZwinkyCuties.com launch that I took my daughter in New York City.

We’ve been on Zwinky Cuties for about a week now, and although it has a lot of room to grow as far as content, she and I both think it’s a really good setup for girls her age (it’s designed for girls 6-12).  Anyhow, being that I pretty much had the baby on my lap or in my arms for a good part of the trip into the city, I’m exhausted!  Just wanted to get a quick video up while I sit and watch my husband geek out and play Star Wars Force Unleashed.  I’d be playing too but I’m too tired to think about kicking his butt on the XBOX.

PS – The release party had an incredible spread of things that pre-tween girls love … pastel cupcakes, brownies, cookies with the Zwinky Cuties characters, cotton candy and popcorn.  I caved a bit on my diet and ate a brownie and the remainder of a cupcake Kidlette had licked the icing off.  So at least I saved the calories from lavender frosting.

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