DietI don’t feel that I’ve lost any weight, and I don’t feel I’m missing out on much food.  In fact, the other day I went to visit my family and ate a 1/2 slice veggie pizza (along with a big antipasto salad) and had a 1″ wide sliver of homemade banana creme pie.

Numbers don’t lie, and so far I’ve lost almost 8 pounds in 11 days.  My tummy is the place the weight has been coming off of.  So far it’s been the difference between a tight pair of jeans and a loose pair of jeans in the same size.  Even though it’s a bit early according to the South Beach diet Phase 1, I’ve added a tiny bit of carbs (in the form of fruit or breads) three times now, but then get back on Phase 1 for the next two days.  It’s been working out just fine so far.  Today with breakfast I ate two pieces of reduced-carb toast.  Not something I’d recommend blowing your bread allowance on, but somehow it tasted good after almost two weeks of no bread.  I’m sure I can’t keep this level of weight loss up forever, but I’m going to stick with it for another 7-10 days.

So for you all to see my fatness in all it’s glory, here are my numbers so far…

  • 09-03-08    181.20
  • 09-07-08    177.00
  • 09-14-08    173.40

I’ve had some interesting results in some of the recipes I’ve made (note to self: the turkey and bean meatloaf was gross), but in the end I’ve been eating grilled chicken, pork chops, lots of fresh veggies, salads, and lots of lowfat dairy.  Doesn’t sound like a d-i-e-t to me, but just eating healthy, but without breads, pastas, and potatoes – and sugar and fruits.  Even when I do add those things back in, they will be healthier than before (no nasty white sandwich bread, just yummy whole wheat sour dough goodness from Panera).  Choices, I need to make better ones.

Size 6 here I come!