video-recordingAll video hosting sites are not the same…

And I need some real help digging through them all to get exactly what I want. Granted, I could always self-host and put up a flash player of my own, but honestly I don’t want to go that route. The first two years of my podcast I self-hosted and when the show went big – I got crushed (or more specifically, my husband’s servers did!)

What I need is a place to upload videos, have a flash player on my blog, and – here’s the biggie – have it insert a MP4 file into *my* Feedburner feed and let iTunes subscribers download the file for themselves. Basically I want people that get the content from my website to get a flash player, people that get the content from an RSS feed to see it inline, and people that subscribe via iTunes to download the content (minus the blog entries, obviously).

Is there hope for me? Services like, & Revver have really nice brand-ready players, but I cannot find info on their sites to determine 1) if a downloadable file will show up in MY feed, and 2) if I can use MY feed and not theirs. I don’t want different feeds for the blog, audio, and video. I want one, and I want it to be my Feedburner.

Any help out there??

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