NJ Moms BlogI’ve been a mom almost 7 years, and it’s taken me this long to wear the title of ‘stay at home mom’. In fairness, I did work outside the house for about half of that time. To help celebrate that landmark, I’ve started contributing to the New Jersey Moms Blog. I was thinking about starting up a blog like this, but realized I don’t really have any mom blogger friends in the state. Just goes to show that no matter how connected someone is online, they can still be void of face to face friends in ‘real life’. That all goes back to my I-need-a-local-hip/cool-mamma to grab coffee with – and to grab a cocktail every once in awhile. The local moms group has been providing lots of activities for me and the kiddies, but I need some more adult interaction.

Anyway, forget my rambling. Go check out the blog! There are mom blogger groups in other areas of the country, and a group for 50+ moms. Very cool….

And be sure to go check out my inaugural post A Rockstar Slept Here…

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