glass-milkFirst and foremost, let me just confess that I had a horrible craving for bacon yesterday, and now my house still smells like fatty-pork-grease-geek-goodness.  So when I tell you I’m switching to soy, it’s not the kind that comes in little water-filled packs and looks like a soggy white marshmallow (that would be tofu).  Soy milk is the new addition to my refrigerator, more specifically, Silk Lite.  I’m not even sure if other companies make soy milk – they must – but Silk seemed to have the biggest variety at the grocery store.

I used to drink soy milk in my FiveBucks coffee, thinking it’s got to be a bit healthier than milk.  Since starting my South Beach diet, I’ve decided to branch out a bit in my options, since soda was a biggie on my menu before.  I will drink 1% milk, only if ice cold, but *eh* … it’s okay.  Being that my liquid options are pretty much restricted to water, V8, and the occasional Crystal Light (not crazy about that much artificial sweetener), I needed options.  And something creamy to replace the morning chocolate Slim-Fast I was having.  Anyhow, it tastes good, really REALLY good.  Not like exactly like milk, but different, and better.  Make sense?  Not sure yet if you can make pudding or cook with the stuff, but for drinking a glass, it rocks.  Maybe someday when I can have cereal again on my ‘diet’ I’ll use Silk as well.

So far we’ve been on South Beach for about a week, and I’m down about 3-4 pounds.  I noticed my belly is a bit flatter as well.  Trust me, I still have a long way to go, but my cravings for soda and cookies are dwindling.  Since the baby has been refusing to nap for the past few days, my wine craving is just increasing.

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