Well, maybe not technically a ‘haircut’, but just me giving the Pumpkin Prince a quick trim. Geek mamma that I am I had to search the ‘net and see what others say about cutting a 5 1/2 month old infant boy’s hair. Not that I wanted someone to validate the fact that I was cutting it, but looking more for instructions. I found a few things, but nothing that helped, except the suggestion to sneak it in when he’s sleeping. What I really needed was suggestions on how to get the job done on an infant that can’t sit up unassisted. All in all I didn’t do such a bad job, and managed to keep his bald-spot in the back concealed. I wound up just cutting over his ears and the mullet in the back. Easy for me I decided to do it when he was half asleep – I put him on the floor and snipped away. Big old softy me cried, I have no idea why. I hate getting Kidlette’s hair cut, too.

What is it about cutting my kids hair that makes me get all nuts? Maybe it has something to do with the time passing (too quickly) and them growing up. The other day Kidlette told me she wished her brother could stay a baby forever. I explained to her that as much as I would like that too, he needs to grow up and become the person he’s supposed to be. Someday he’ll be a first grader and get on the bus every morning. But for now he’s still a sweet little baby who’s hair I can play with while he nurses and looks up at me with big, shiny eyes.

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