Podcamp PhillyTonight ROCKED!  I put clothes on that didn’t have puke on them, wore makeup, and talked to adults.  OH!  And I had a glass of wine (just one, gotta stay true to South Beach Diet) and some chicken skewers with a salad.  I’m such a good girl.

Anyway on to the cool stuff!  I found Chel Pixie, Matthew Ebel, Christopher S. Penn, Whitney Hoffman, and Mark Blevis as soon as I walked in and WOW was I happy!  I’d never met Chel before, even after knowing her online for over two years.  She got a big hug for sure!  I also met up with some newer friends like Christine/PurpleCar, and even managed to meet up with some brand new people like Sarah and Cecily.  OH!  And I finally met some friends I met on Twitter that happened to have visited my scrapbook store ‘way back when’.  It was really freaky to hear someone call me by my store’s name (and my childhood nickname) in a group of people that really aren’t connected.  They don’t move that far from me either so I’m hoping we can all get together with husbands and kids sometime soon!

I tell you, even just after three hours out tonight, I feel reconnected.  Not only to the world of people that don’t require me to cut up their food for them, but to a passion I’ve had for years (but fell from).  I am looking forward to this weekend’s Podcamp, and hoping that the baby is behaved enough for me to return on Sunday!

Nice meeting you all again (or for the first time) – and looking forward to meeting lots more old friends and new faces over the weekend!  Look for me with the baby in the sling (or stroller) and say HI!

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