Funny, I *see* a lot of the new web apps and shiney things very early.  Sometimes earlier than they start to get passed along from blog to blog.  There are SOO many cool gadgets on the web.  Twitter being one of them.  I’ve seen it for a little bit now, then saw people starting to plug it / use it.  I tend not to jump on the bandwagon super early, but hang back a bit and see how useful others find it.  For example, I have a My Space page, and I hate it.  It’s there, so I leave it, but don’t utilize it the way I should.  It’s too much work, I’d have to keep on top of like 15 different web apps (not to mention a few blogs, a few email addy’s, a few messenger services).

I don’t have the time, or the desire to cross post that much info.  But it IS important to at least be on the services, even if I don’t exploit them for all their blinky-goodness.  I’ve been seeing Ewan Spence using Twitter for some time now.  Today I decided to join.  I actually like the idea, because it’s low maintance.  Random scattered thoughts from my day – a “micro blog” almost.  Is that a term?  Can it be my phrase?  Sorry… wandering… Mostly it’s the same crew of people all jumping in.  Listen, I can see what you are doing via your blog, and micro manage my obession with your data via Twitter.  What the hell happened to simplifying?  WordPress blog here, Skype, Twitter, gMail & related calendars/apps (LinkedIn on occassion).  What else do I need?

Oh, what I DO need is a killer (free) web CMS system.  I am sick of having to rifle through my notebooks and binders to find info and notes I’ve got on clients.  Any suggestions?