So I’ve been in this blogging (1998), podcasting (2003) and new media (uh…always?) thing for awhile now, and am finally getting over my fear of being on video. I still have reservations about my voice, and probably have been hesitant to get back to podcasting because of it. Not sure why, I’ve done professional voice over for TV commercials. Video to me means losing 20 pounds and wearing makeup and making sure my hair is styled. Yeah, whatever. I’m basically a stay at home/work from home mom of two, and dammit I don’t get to wear makeup often. Can’t let that stop me I suppose. Basically since I don’t leave the house all that often, I figure that ‘my life’ isn’t all that exciting. Maybe I should think of it as lifeblogging or something.

What I’ve started doing is – besides Twittering – is Ustream.TV and Utterz. Ustream is fun because there is the live video part of it with chatting. Most random people I see on Ustream are just sitting at the computer chatting online. Hell, I can do that. Utterz is rockin’ now because it started as (cell) phoning in your audio message to be then Twittered if you choose. Now they have pictures and video abilities. So I don’t have to use 3 different products for pictures, video, and audio. Sweet job Utterz.

What I’m gearing up to do also is incorporate live video streams into my SCRAPcast show. LOL, let’s hope my (hopeful) new co-host goes for that!
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